Data quality audit imageRegular data cleaning keeps your data up to date, it saves time and money as it allows your business to concentrate on current contacts rather than unreachable targets. When cleansed, your data enables you as a business to streamline your customer care, enhance your marketing campaigns and to concentrate on converting those clicks to cash. An MOT of your data will ensure your business is more efficient, your message is more effective and your brand identity is enhanced.

Benefits of clean data
  •  Achieve maximum postal discounts
  •  Protect your budget
  •  Increase campaign efficacy
  •  Maintain brand image
  •  Reduce fulfilment costs
Pitfalls of dirty data
  •  Decrease conversion rates
  •  Waste delivery and fulfilment costs
  •  Risk brand damage
  •  Environmentally unfriendly
  •  Increased communication costs

The tangible benefits of data cleansing speak for themselves.

So, how can we make your data shine?

Data Cleansing Services

Service Description
PAF Cleansing Corrects inaccurate or mis-spelt addresses and postcodes.
Email Validation Validates all of your email contacts so you can concentrate on the real target market, reduce bounces and improve online reputation.
Mobile Validation Validates all of your email numbers via the HLR (Home Location Register). We check to confirm the mobile number is valid, switched on and can identify which mobile network it belongs to. Find out more>>
Formatting & Standardisation Ensures the correct capitalisation and name splitting so your data is not only accurate but your customers feel listened to.
Goneaway Suppression Identify people or businesses that have relocated or disappeared, allowing you to discover their new premises or switch your attention to attracting to new customers.
Deceased Suppression Identifies customers that have passed away allowing your business to avoid causing distress which can damage your reputation. This also prevents possible fraud by identifying deceased customers.
TPS Suppression Checks telephone numbers against the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) before making sales calls to consumers, saving time, human resources and money.
CTPS Suppression Checks telephone numbers against the CTPS (Corporate Telephone Preference Service) before making sales calls to businesses.
MPS Suppression Checks names and addresses against the MPS (Mailing Preference Service) before direct marketing campaigns.
Unusable Records Checks your database for salacious or unusable records - no more Mr Darth Vader.
Deduplication Prevents wastage by removing duplicate entries for the same contact/family/address or business.
Matching Matches data against your own internal suppression files or existing customer details.

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Did you know?

Every year in the UK

4.5 million
people move house people pass away

Which means that each year a customer database can degrade by around 10%.

Based on 2014 statistics