How clean is your customer database?

Customer data is one of main assets of any business. An accurate database helps to improve the response rates of marketing activity, reduce wastage and improve ROI.

With the recent rises in postage costs, it is as important as ever to ensure that mailings are well targeted, accurate and reach their intended audience. Sending mail, indeed any marketing communications, to duplicate or undeliverable data, reflects poorly on your company, reduces campaign efficacy and ultimately wastes your budget.

The Importance of Data Cleansing

It is a fact that around 10% of people move each year and there are over 40,000 recorded deaths each month. It is no wonder that a customer database soon becomes inaccurate. Without regular data cleansing, your business will waste money on each mailing. Duplicate mailings and data inaccuracies will also reflect poorly on your company’s image. Needless to say, marketing to recently deceased persons can cause unnecessary distress to their families. Mailing to prospects that are registered on the Mailing Preference Service, or telemarketing to those on the Telephone Preference Service may result in substantial fines.

How do I avoid these pitfalls?

The simplest way to ensure your data is campaign ready is to perform a regular ‘Data Audit’. The data audit provides you with a comprehensive report detailing the current health of your customer database. The information provided will show you:

  • Goneaways
  • MPS/TPS Opt Outs
  • Deceased
  • Duplicates
  • Salacious records

You will also get a health check on the quality of addresses, emails and telephone numbers. Valid address data not only improves deliverability, but may also be rewarded with higher postage discounts under the Royal Mail’s mailsort schemes.

How much will it cost me to fix my database?

The cost varies dependent upon number of customers and which areas need most attention. Each report will be accompanied by a simple menu of cost effective options to get your customer database shining. You will also be presented with options to enhance your data with information that you may be missing.